Advanced Keylogger Software

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Advanced Keylogger Software

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Keylogger functionality:

  • Trace keystrokes including online chats, email login id, passwords, website visited or other typed text documents etc.
  • Records online chat conversations, clipboard contents, accessed application and internet activities details.
  • Captures screenshots of windows in log file with option to send at user specified login id.
  • Systematically records login time and date of every session created.
  • Records total typed keys in the current session.

Software Features:

  • Software is invisible from Add/Remove program list, Program menu list, Desktop and even remains in hidden attributes from installation files and folders.
  • Remotely access the logs while you are away from your PC just get your logs uploaded to an FTP server or emailed to you silently and automatically.
  • Facilitate to export internet activities in excel file formats.
  • Provides facility to set hot key or run command to access the Keylogger application if runs in hidden mode.
  • PC monitoring software bypasses major anti key logger and spy tools.
  • Easily used software does not allow unauthorized users to change or modify software configuration settings.