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Keylogger Software

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Keylogger functionality:

  • Captures all keyboard typed keystrokes.
  • Captures typed user name with passwords.
  • Records what your friends are typing on your computer system.
  • Investigate your child, spouse and employee’s online and offline activities on the local and remote computers.
  • Records online chat conversation, Typed URLs, instant messages and other related documents.

Software Features:

  • Password protected software captures all keystrokes entered in your Laptop, or Desktop PCs.
  • Software records what other users are doing on your machine in your absence.
  • Provide facility to save all the activities in log file with option to mail log file to user specified email id.
  • Software displays login session details and total keys pressed in the current session.
  • Generate reports of recorded data in txt and html file formats.
  • Facilitate to set hot key and run command settings to access the keylogger application if it runs in hidden mode.